What are some good management habits?

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A company needs strong management to survive and grow. Small business owners need to learn how to identify strong managerial traits in management candidates that can help employees in career development while maintaining focus on the company goals.

As an employee moves into the realm of becoming a manager, he needs to develop the kind of habits that help a company to become successful. Good managerial habits are second nature to the successful executive. When a company looks for its next managerial candidate, it should make sure that he possesses these important habits.

- Listening

One of the habits that help employees to feel a part of the company’s success is when a manager listens to what staff members have to say. A manager with good listening habits finds the time to hear employee opinions on important issues and cares about the matters that affect an employee’s ability to produce.

- Respect

Employees do not like being taken for granted. Good management techniques include the ability to let employees know that their efforts are appreciated and that employees are respected by company management. Respect helps employees to feel validated in the work they do and it goes a long way in creating positive morale in the workplace.

- Honesty

Managers need to be in the habit of being honest with employees in order to earn employee trust. An employee is not going to feel compelled to give his best effort if he does not feel that his manager will give an honest assessment of his work. A dishonest manager can create an atmosphere of instability in the workplace and severely damage productivity.

- Loyalty

Companies expect loyalty from its employees in terms of honoring work agreements, coming to work on time and being reliable. Employees expect their managers to be loyal to the hard work that employees do and back up employees as much as possible in difficult situations. If an employee is being wrongly accused of mistreating a customer, then the rest of the staff wants to see the manager remain loyal to the employee and help work out an arrangement that benefits the employee, the company and the customer.

- Work Ethic

Managers who expect their subordinates to do all of the work are not respected by the staff. Each employee should be expected to his job and the manager needs to support the staff by performing her job duties as well. Managers that consistently delegate managerial tasks to employees can lose the respect and loyalty of their staffs.

- Personable

Managers need to develop the habit of being personable. If an employee is having issues at home, and it is affecting her productivity at work, then the employee needs to feel as though she can discuss the issue with her manager. Managers and companies are not expected to solve personal problems for employees. But a good manager can help employees maintain that balance between work and personal life that helps maintain good productivity.

Good managers have good management habits. Companies and managerial candidates need to be able to identify these good management habits to develop productive management teams.

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