If a leader is chosen, should we consider it important that leading the leaders are a requirement?

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We pose the question of whether leaders are ever in need of being led. An interesting thought is whether they come to lead by default. When we look at pronounced leaders in our society, it always appear that their actions are independent steps toward guidance that channels the masses in preconceived directions.

The key is to take a closer look at the level of leadership we aim to scrutinize and see who is leading the leaders of our day. Since leadership is associated with power, we can browse over thoughts pertaining to vision, drive and perception. It’s interesting to observe that its vision that propels action which lends to perceived power, or in other words giving an individual the acclaim of an authoritative position.

Yet, who is behind that vision? Who is the driving force? However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at accountability which is a much needed, if not vital, part of leadership. Putting the question to fore of who is leading the leaders of this day brings us to look at some key stakeholders. The inclusion of a board of directors, the senate, internal auditors, or any other force of accountability allows us to take a closer look at the driving force behind leaders.

Just the mention of these stakeholders brings a shadow of doubt in whether the leaders of this day function independently. Truth be known, democracy would not be satisfied with the absence of these leadership police. Should any one person have the supreme monopoly of decision making that affect the lives of the masses? We all will agree that leading the leaders is not only a good idea, but it’s also a backbone to success.

On another angle we can look at silent influence that impacts those in leadership. We glance into the presence of mentors, confidants, and those who play a role behind the scenes and in most cases are those who are not known to the world. This includes the external influences indicated above. Sometimes these silent mentors are the ones who formed the backbone of those in leadership. Therefore it’s safe to say that in cases, leaders are not only being led, but they are being shaped.

So we ask the question whether a leader even needs help leading, and it can be counted on that the answer is yes. The key word here is ‘need’. This is not something that should be considered to be an option, for in giving this option, we are also agreeing to dictatorship. A dire word that is something not sought after by those who have tasted democracy. Certainly not by those who wish to see a positive growth within what the vision and ultimate goal is to be achieved.

Finally we look at how society can play a role in leading the leaders. Whether by votes, strikes or culture, the voice of society vibrates in decisions, and a good leader is defined by how the masses are taken into consideration.

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